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Sterling Anti-Wrinkle and Eyebag Serum 120 ml

Sterling Anti-Wrinkle and Eyebag Serum 120 ml

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Product Details:
• This instant eye fix helps temporarily reduce puffy eyes and shrink sagging eye bags.
• Our Glow Fairy formula helps tighten and smooth skin around the eyes, temporarily minimizing the appearance of under eye bags and crow's feet all while providing much-needed nutrients to the skin.
• Our Instant Eye Repair Serum helps smooth the appearance of both puffy eyes, eye bags and fine lines without the need for lengthy surgeries or nightly face masks.

How to Use:
1. Wash your face with ice cold water( use ice water if possible)
2. Apply 1 drop of serum under the eye and gently massage for 2-3 minutes.
3. Continue using serum continuously for a month regularly everyday and wash face and eyes with ice-cold water.
4. Note: Normally after following above steps for a month 90% of the eye bag problem gets disappeared. Even after following all the steps, if the problem doesn't get disappeared please consult a doctor as there may be other problems that is causing eye to swell.
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